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The Top 10 Ways Market America is Ready to Work for You

Are you looking for the perfect home-based business to create a lasting residual income? Are you ready to fire your boss and never look back? Have you felt discouraged when no business opportunity you come into contact with seems to be capable of getting you to where you know you should be in life? Market America is thrilled to tell you that they have the system set in place to do just that! Let’s take a look at some of the ways the Market America UnFranchise can blaze your path to financial independence.

  1. Small Investment, Ongoing Income
    With Market America, your motivation and drive to further yourself and make more money are virtually guaranteed to payoff big. Unlike the traditional corporate ladder— which is built on the majority of workers slowly inching their way to meager raises while they build their superiors’ fortunes— Market America succeeds when our UnFranchise owners and representatives do. After a one-time initial investment, you take control of the direction of your business and your bank account. No dues, no mandatory feel good seminars, just real forward movement.
  2. The Ability to Focus on Customers
    Unlike some other work-from-home business opportunities you may have heard about, Market America is focused on customers. It’s those customers who are the key to your success and residual income. You not only need to get their attention, you need to make sure they’re satisfied. Market America appreciates the massive importance of customer satisfaction. That’s why we let you focus on the heart of your business.
  3. Pride of Ownership and Independence
    Pride is a phenomenal motivator to go further and accomplish more. Being in charge of your own financial wellbeing and future instills a special kind of pride within a person. Internet driven business— or e-commerce— is an exploding industry with millions of people buying and selling a countless range of goods and services online 24 hours a day. And, by owning an e-commerce business as opposed to a traditional brick-and-mortar store, you don’t have the perpetual headaches of worrying about utility bills, employees, or insurance. As the 21st century goes forward, e-commerce is poised to only become more prominent and lucrative.
  4. Mentors Are Ready to Help You Grow
    When you start an UnFranchise with Market America, you’re not just given a handful of products and a website and wished the best of luck. There are people all over the world— from the U.S. to Canada, Mexico to Australia, Hong Kong to Taiwan— who have forged a new life for themselves with Market America and they’re ready to help guide you through the same process via webinars, net meeting conferences, one-to-one sessions, national and regional conventions and more. If you need help, ask. It’s there to be given.
  5. Make Money Selling Millions of Products
    Have you questioned the logic of creating real residual income on the basis of only one kind of product? Market America has millions of products and thousands of stores for you to partner with, including many big name stores. Market America has already made the connections for you. There’s no red tape to wade through, no hassle of finding suppliers or dropshippers. Spend your time productively and maximize your profit.
  6. Be Your Own Customer
    While you’re collecting customers from all over the world, you can find one sitting in front of your own computer as well. And you can still make money! When you shop through your own store you give yourself commission and cashback credits. No paltry employee discount can compete with that.
  7. Your Office is Set Up and Waiting for You
    If there’s one lingering doubt in your mind about launching your own UnFranchise business it’s probably based around the paperwork of processing orders, managing billing, and handling shipping and tracking. Gigantic firms hire bookkeepers just to handle those tiresome necessities. Market America has you covered. Your back office is already established so that when you start your business you’re open to customers, everything is ready to run smoothly and efficiently behind the scenes.
  8. No Hassle Designing Your Website
    Many brick-and-mortar business owners have to face the reality of either learning how to create and maintain their website themselves, or make room in the budget to hire someone to do it for them. Another leg up you have over brick-and-mortar business owners is that you never have to spend a moment on your site. When you’re ready, so is it; with all the bells and whistles and marketing tools you need just waiting for you to use them.
  9. Real Residual Income for Years to Come
    Once your business is in motion and you’re putting your talents and experience to their best use building a regular customer base, you can look forward to a reliable source of ongoing income. Not only can you rely on steady residual income, you can increase the amount whenever you choose. Your effort and hard work benefits you.
  10. It Just Takes A Decision
    Market America is a business. For all the great things it can offer, you need to understand that the responsibility to build this business is yours. But with no overhead attached to your business, you can build at your own pace and to whatever level you desire. If you take the initiative, you see the results. Things can change quickly, once decisions are made, and decisive people are successful people. Contact Savvy Healthy Shopper today and decide to take a step towards a radically different future.

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