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Our great country is in the middle of a heated, sharp debate over the student debts, their purpose, whether the light is worth the candle, and how they affect an average student trying to make it in life. But the truth is, we have no clue, at least not nearly enough about how the debt actually affects borrowers and their future life.

If you are a college graduate or a student and you're wondering how in the hell are you going to make your loan payments and free yourself from, let's call it the real name – slavery, and continue your way to normal life and career success, you will definitely feel calmed to know that you are definitely not alone. The statistics evolving around this are, to put it bluntly, scary. The number of those not being able to pay their student loans and still live a normal life is at a record 13.4%, and even those graduates that are financially able to make their payments, 44% of them are extensively delaying purchasing a home for themselves and / or their future family, as well as 23% are delaying having children because of having to repay their student debt.

The conventional wisdom – greatly empowered by the mainstream media – is displaying the relationship between the debt and financial hardship as a linear one. Namely, the theory is that each dollar of debt will result in reaction of equal and opposite negative impact on the well being of borrowers. In essence, the logic of this wisdom is that every dollar of your student debt is tragic according to conventional logic, and the tragedy is proportional to the final amount of the money owed.

You can see this conventional logic panically expressed in the major newspapers with stories about the increasing trend of student debt and the unshakable belief of the negative impact that debt is going to have on the overall economy. Lately, it has become known as one of the key economical problems to be solved in the future.

It is estimated that around 40 millions of Americans are having to struggle in some way, to greater or lesser extent, with student debt and it's repayment. Federal student loan borrowers are able to skip the payments for about nine months before they realistically default. But what is in the store for you if circumstances of your life bring a need to skip payments, for example, just three months? According to Higher Education Act, the loan servicers will storm around you, reporting you and your debt to a credit bureau. How convenient start of an academic career as a highly educated career professional!

Consequently, a damaged credit report, will result in circumstances that make it even harder for the borrower to buy a home or car, or even enjoy some basic benefits required for a normal everyday life such as renting an apartment or simply getting a job. If you are a student, or a graduate, and you are enjoying a decent life at the moment being able to repay your monthly student debt with your current income, I am sorry to say that unfortunately I have bad news for you.

Don't get too comfortable, because if you experience any type of financial distress anytime in the next couple of years due to the unfortunate events in your life, such as sudden unexpected expenses, loss of a job, reduced income or any other kind of economic hardship, you will be given the opportunity to put off payments without harming your credit rating. You must be thinking “What's the catch”? The interest is going to continue accruing, digging you deeper in the endless hole of slavery and debt, and forcing your debt – to – income ratio to get even higher.

We think you had enough of the truth. Of realistic and objective display of the reality you may face if you are a student who just got in a loan or is on his way to repaying it. Savvy Health Shopper is here to help you and make sure you don't experience any of the outlined scenarios.

Take your destiny in your own hands and don't wait for life circumstances to push you into more debt, slavery, and at the end poverty, disabling you to live a decent and prosperous life you deserve. And we will show you exactly how to do it.

What if we told you that you can, just like a franchise, start a business with all technicalities provided – including systematization, standardization, professional management system, tools for marketing and merchandising your product, as well as growing visibility on the market.

On the other side, unlike a real franchise, without any franchise fees, monthly royalties, restrictions, and minimal to almost no start up expenses. You think it's too good to be true? We just started.

UnFranchise owners can start their business on a part time basis with flexible hours tailored to meet your needs.

This is what Market America offers, the first company to provide an innovation like UnFranchise business and allow normal, ordinary, everyday people just like you to secure a proven plan to their financial success, and never again have to worry about repaying debt, losing a job, or going deeper into financial troubles. “Seems amazing but like a lot of work, I'm busy!” Don't worry, we have you covered. Savvy Health Shopper is a long time UnFranchise owner and official distributor of Market America and we are going to help you with everything – from signing up and setting your business to earning your first income!

Simply put, the UnFranchise business is a no risk, most secure path to financial independence that will allow you to secure a stream of ongoing income by offering products through your Market America Web Portal and earning a percent – without bothering with any technicalities!

Don't leave such an essential thing like your financial future to opportunity, take control of your destiny and your financial success by signing up and becoming a business owner in the next few days!

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