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There is one widely known and often asked question in all experienced America's workers they did not think about for most of their previous life – “It's time. How much money will I actually need in retirement?” Ah, the key question. And the one that gets many people on a certain road to failure and a tormenting, instead of joyful retirement life.

The generally accepted rule of thumb is that in your retirement life you are going to need 70% of your previous yearly income in order to live comfortably. That certainly may be enough if you have paid off all your debts, mortgage and are in excellent health when you say goodbye to the 9 – 5 job. But if your retirement expectations are not so modest, and what you have in mind is perhaps, getting that Ph.D in sociology you have always wanted, building your dream home, or maybe taking a journey around the world to see the pyramids yourself and cruise around swimming with sharks in Australia – the 70% theory falls in the water, and is replaced with a new, more realistic one. You are going to need at least 100% of your previous yearly salary, or even more in order to live a life you truly wish.

It is of essential importance to make realistic estimates about what kind of expenses you intend to have when you retire. Be completely honest with yourself regarding the lifestyle you intend to pursue in retirement and how much it is going to cost. And in most cases, it usually ends up costing a whole lot more than what you have predicted. These estimates will make or break your retirement life, as they are crucial in giving you a clear picture about how much you are going to need to save in order to comfortably afford the retirement lifestyle you intend to live and enjoy.

You may have felt what many do – the time for retirement has approached, and you don't have a clear picture of how expensive it will be, are your savings enough, are you running out of time, where should you save, invest, strategize and just how secure it is? All these stressful questions are a sure way to make your retirement a nightmare and a more tedious toil than your work was, which is not what you deserve after 40+ years in the corporate life.

Luckily, the Savvy Health Shopper will not leave you alone in this complex situation. On the contrary, we have provided you with the answers to most, if not all of the questions outlined above that are disturbing all retirees or soon to be retirees.

The truth is, you do not need to worry about 401k, social security pension, investments, bank interests and other. You do not need to give all your power and leave your destiny in the hands of somebody else, whether it be private funds, government, banks or anybody else.

It's 21st century now, and the possibilities are endless. With that in mind, Savvy Health Shopper will show you the way to use your vast experience, expertise, skills and knowledge you have received by working all those years and earn for yourself a constant income stream that does not require you to work 9 – 5 and will let you enjoy your retirement, while still providing the additional funds that can greatly help your retirement plan, or even replace it all together, depending on your commitment and work.

You can forget about the investment funds, 401k's, bank accounts, interest rates, social security pensions and everything else.

So how do we do that?

What if we told you that you can open a self sustaining franchise business, having been provided everything you need for it – a systematization, standardization, all the management tools and systems, marketing strategies, merchandising opportunities, growing visibility on the market and the opportunity to own a local business?

“Lovely, but that is going to cost me around half a million start up cost which I don't have!” That is where Savvy Health Shopper jumps in to help. To tell you the truth. To show you the opportunities. Ready? Well the truth is, you can have everything stated above, a proven plan to your financial success, similar to a franchise, only without the franschise fees, monthly royalties, restrictions and little to almost no risk start up expenses.

You must be thinking “I thought this is a business website, not fairy tales directory”. Fortunately for you, it is as real as it can get. The possibility of this is brought to you by Market America, the most reputable and creative UnFranchise provider in America that was the very first to invent this concept. As Market America's UnFranchise owner, you can have your own UnFranchise business on a full, or part time basis, with completely flexible hours adapted to your needs!

There are two simple, honest ways to earn an income with UnFranchise business – offering quality products and earning a percentage of gross retail, while Market America takes care of all the time consuming technicalities, such as presentation, marketing and branding, and second, very important, the one that will let you leverage your time and by creating a sales organization with others who are doing the same. All in all, the UnFranchise Business is a certain path to your financial independence that will allow you to secure a stream of stable income, which will help you enjoy your retirement to the fullest!

Considering your experience and social network, providing quality products for the market and creating a sales organization will prove to be a lot easier and enjoyable task than it may sound!

So, how do you start the business? Savvy Health Shopper is here to help. We are an official distributor with Market America and a successful UnFranchise owners with years of experience. We are going to help you with every single element and step from signing up for your business to setting everything up and starting an income stream. Take your first step to financial security today, contact Savvy Health Shopper, and we'll get you on a quick road to success and prosperity of your new, UnFranchise business.

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