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The price of just about everything, from milk and bread to the cost to own a home or a car, never stops increasing as time goes by. We all talk about inflation like it was a new or temporary thing when, in fact, the price of commodities and consumer goods rises steadily over time and never reverts to the previous price unless there’s a sale or some other type of buying incentive. Due to this economic reality, the importance of maximizing earnings should be a top-tier priority not only for employers already in possession of their own businesses, but even more for the employees who work to make those employers rich.

This need to maximize income particularly affects one income families. In order to make ends meet and stay ahead of their bills, many heads of household take on two or three jobs and run themselves ragged trying to keep up with all of their responsibilities in and outside the home. Others, particularly single parents, search in vain for some way to make money online selling items on eBay or considering franchie schemes.

There is a better way! You don’t have to be at the mercy of business owners looking to use your labor to get rich. You can be a business owner yourself. You can take the initiative to start a home-based business with Savvy Healthy Shopper and never call anyone but your reflection “boss” again.

If you’re familiar with the underlying machinery that makes even the smallest small business operate and turn a profit day-to-day, you know firsthand that there are real risks associated with creating a traditional brick-and-mortar business. Not only do business owners have to balance overhead and expenses and deal with difficult customers and employees, there is no guarantee that your business will ever succeed. There is often no safety net when a person first makes the daring jump to leave their secure day- to-day job and start their own company. Too many people have made the leap only to have their venture fail, often resulting in bankruptcy.

The unfortunate fact is, you can’t guarantee that a business you create from scratch will attract customers and make those critical sales. A part-time business might present a workable alternative. After all, with a part-time business you can keep the security provided by your existing job and the steady income of a regular paycheck. You might also develop a source of healthy residual income from your secondary concern. Franchises like Mary Kay and 31 offer their representatives a pre-packaged part-time business, albeit one with many downsides. The name brand of a company like Mary Kay only goes so far towards justifying the expense and regular dues it takes to “own” your own business. In many ways, franchises are traditional 9-to-5 jobs with a more flexible schedule where your primary function is to make someone else rich.

You don’t have to play those games to earn pennies. Savvy Healthy Shopper can empower you with a work-from-home business that puts the steering wheel in your hands. Savvy Healthy Shopper can introduce you to a one-of-a-kind business plan called the UnFranchise. With the UnFranchise, you have all the support you need and Savvy Healthy Shopper can teach you how to use awesome tools to help you grow your business, but there are no dues, no territories, no restrictions on what you can sell or how big you can grow your residual income.

Savvy Healthy Shopper was launched with a focus on health and wellness products, one of the single most lucrative business niches on the market. They’ve since grown to encompass a wider array of products for both you and your pet. And they’re not stopping there. Among other niches they plan to expand into, Savvy Healthy Shopper is focused on bringing the best quality weight loss products to the consumer market as well as make up products by Motives and much more. Chances are, whatever your interests are, you can find a product to promote from Savvy Healthy Shopper and start building your own home-based business today.

There is a startup cost associated with launching an UnFranchise. Like with any business, you have to make an investment to lay the groundwork for your company. Unlike franchises, though, Savvy Healthy Shopper won’t ever harass you for dues payments under threat of putting you out of business. Savvy Healthy Shopper is seriously invested in your ongoing success with your work from home business. They want you to build from strength to strength. If you’ll invest in yourself the same way you’re practically guaranteed to see real results and a steady income that may even be enough to let you quit your job without worrying about your financial security for a second.

And you’re not alone. When you create an UnFranchise business with Savvy Healthy Shopper, you’ll have local and regional support from people just like you in the U.S., Canada, Australia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and the United Kingdom who’ve taken the chance on themselves and are in better places for it. They can offer advice, support, and even customers.

Starting an UnFranchise gives you unlimited freedom to operate your business anywhere and anytime you want. You can work per your mood and requirement with no needless busywork to fill out your day. How many people can say that about their jobs? Most people simply accept the trade-off that a high-paying position means little to no freedom or release from focusing on their work. How much would it be worth to you to be able to make the steady income amount of your choice and have flex time to spend with family, friends, or doing whatever you enjoy? Whatever the amount, your initial investment in starting your UnFranchise business with Savvy Healthy Shopper is almost assuredly a fraction of that number.

Change the way you work today, tomorrow, and forever with Savvy Healthy Shopper.

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