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Healthcare in the United States has taken some unexpected and unfortunate turns over the last few years for healthcare professionals and medical providers. The Affordable Care Act has been a highly political and controversial subject all across the board and pretty evenly split with regards to what consumers believe are the pros and cons of Obamacare. While the government’s efforts to make healthcare more affordable and available to everyone have not gone unappreciated, they have inadvertently negatively affected the income of medical providers with private practices and clinics. Optometry, especially, has been affected since you are primarily an outpatient and office-based caregiver.

Unfortunately, the financial decreases and concerns that have fallen on the backs of specialist caregivers like optometrists don’t look to be getting any better, nor are there any immediate foreseeable changes that will help these specialty providers out of the hole that was unintentionally dug while making a protective trench for lower-class American citizens. As an optometrist, you know how important your field is. Something as small as a piece of sand can cause eye scratches, pain, and vision problems that require immediate attention. The anatomy of the eye and the vision it provides is a complicated piece of machinery that needs attention to detail when testing, diagnosing and treating symptoms or diseases. Additionally, as we age, our eyesight worsens, requiring yearly optometry check-ups and re-evaluation. The Affordable Care Act has made this type and level of care nearly impractical.

Now, with these changes in healthcare, optometrists have had to sacrifice a lot to stay afloat financially. Some are having to close down their practice entirely, cut business hours, layoff long-time employees, etc. Wouldn’t it be nice if there was a way to build your income back up to an appropriate level without getting involved in the stammering politics of the Affordable Care Act? Wouldn’t it be nice to relax and focus your attention on your patients and your field of study rather than what insurance will or will not cover, what the government says you can treat and how you can treat it, and whether or not you’ll be able to pay all your clinical bills while keeping your family income at a comfortable level?

There is a way to build a better income staying in your field of study and helping both you and your patients. Becoming an unfranchise business owner, selling products that are natural and healthy for your patients and their various eye care needs might be just what the doctor ordered for you and your business! Savvy Healthy Shopper can help. It is a unique and dedicated program to help your financial situation as a medical professional who has been hit hard by new healthcare laws.

Through the model provided by the program, thousands of people all over the globe have benefited by building their income in a variety of ways, either slowly or more drastically. They have taken a step in the right direction and became proactive against the inevitable loss of income so that they can provide more care and attention to a greater number of patients in need. The Affordable Care Act was a shock to many, but it could turn out to benefit you more than you realize. With the help of Savvy Healthy Shopper, you could build a business far more expansive, inclusive, and diverse than ever before.

The products offered through Savvy Healthy Shopper have an eye toward alternative naturopathic medicine, which is what millions of Americans are seeking now that healthcare has become more diverse, available, and educational. People more often than not are looking for something other than pharmaceutical fixes that have more side effects than benefits. Just imagine having products in your office that you can feel good about giving to your patients! These are products with ingredients your patients are already looking for. They are scientifically proven formulas that are all natural and without major side effects. An unfranchise business like the program through Savvy Healthy Shopper gives you a leg up in this changing world and culture by helping you serve your patients with medicine that will not add further toxins to their body. In a world where we must even question the food products we take in, where air toxins alone clog our systems and affect every body system, you will have the greater advantage in the eyes of your patients.

Our goal at Savvy Healthy Shopper is to help you at least return to your original income when your practice was thriving. The best thing about this program, however, is that you have the opportunity to go far beyond that income. The idea is for you to have products that will ensure return customers, healthy patients, and residual income for you. When patients find a product and a clinician that works with them and for them, they are likely to return and bring some referrals along with them. Patients have been complaining for many years that their doctors are not paying attention to their needs and are giving them strong medications that don’t work or cause a massive array of side effects. Now, you have the opportunity to be different, to be appreciated, respected and innovative in your field.

For example, with Savvy Healthy Shopper, there are a vast array of products that are focused directly on specific eye conditions and vision health. Products with ingredients you as a health professional already know work without the help of outside chemicals. NutriMetrix Isotonix formulas are made in a way that combines natural ingredients so that they can be digested and absorbed quickly and effectively based on the body’s chemical, cellular, and molecular reactions to those ingredients. The products are made with simple ingredients that are easy to explain and educate your patient about such as zinc, vitamin E, vitamin C, lutein and a variety of others. Not only will your patients be empowered with knowledge, they will feel like you are really, truly listening to what they need because you, as the practitioner, will have the power to pinpoint which formula will work best for your client based on their symptoms and eye exams.

It's time to give the power of healthcare back to the practitioner and the patient. Savvy Healthy Shopper will help you do that and provide you with the products you need to treat your patients effectively, and at affordable prices without the help of the government. With this program, you can rebuild your practice, your income, your patient base, and your trust in the field of innovative and alternative medicine.

Still, you may be questioning why this program and not one of the countless others that seem to pop up every week to help you supplement your lost income. Simply put, Savvy Healthy Shopper aims to put the control back into your hands as the clinician while keeping you in the field you are passionate about and benefitting everyone involved. You will be more relaxed and happy in your work, your patients will feel much more comfortable with your decisions as their eye care clinician, and Savvy Healthy Shopper will win its award through sales of the outstanding products we offer. You will have the power to actually be your own boss in your healthcare practice, making decisions based on your patient’s need rather than their insurance company’s opinion. You may not even need to go through medical insurance companies to provide your patients with the best natural care that's out there.

Are you tired of having people who never went to medical or optometry school tell you how to be a doctor? Are you tired of losing an already-lost battle in the healthcare industry? We know! Let’s stop playing the game. Let's stop treating patients like profitable cattle and treat them with natural, affordable, and proven products while still being able to live in a truly capitalist society where you can profit without sacrificing your patient's health or trust. That is what we offer you here at Savvy Healthy Shopper. The chance to combine the old ways with the new.

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