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Fitness Trainers – Is Passive Income a Realistic Goal?


If you have always felt like becoming a personal fitness trainer is your thing and a career path you would like to pursue, after taking action that will lead you to your desired result you may have realized that even though a job of fitness trainer is quite exciting, interesting and fulfilling, there are some serious downfalls you should consider when committing your career and financial future to this job before it’s too late.

I feel privileged that I had the opportunity to meet many professional personal fitness trainers in my career, from passionate, confused rookies to world class, famous professionals that play at top levels. During conversations with them, I’m always astounded at one disturbing fact – none of them has any sort of plan for their financial future or their retirement.

I must confess, I found this rather unusual and disturbing. Focusing on seminars, new knowledge, innovative strategies and short term goals that will develop you as a personal fitness trainer and benefit your client are all amazing goals. But the harsh reality is – you won’t be able to do it forever.

You may find yourself needing or deciding to retire, change a job, pursue a new career or simply get out of it all and backpack around Europe for a year or two. You see, when you work a regular government job, it’s not just about the money you are making but about the income you’ll have when you retiree too. This is not the case if you are a personal trainer – you need to think about it and plan it ahead yourself.

Unfortunately, the reality is that a typical personal trainer I’ve met is making around $60,000 per year. His income fluctuates over the time but stays relatively constant. He is young, strong, fit and loves to enjoy life. He spends money carelessly and parties like there’s no tomorrow without saving anything – nothing that the regular young guns don’t do as well.

Yet as years fly by he suddenly realizes that in order to provide for himself with this pace he will have to work until the end of his life. At sixty he finds out it’ll go hard as nobody wants an old trainer neither information that was popular back in the 80’s. These trainers have started working at the age 25 and worked until they were 60 making in total around two million dollars over the course of their careers, drastically below their colleagues with Government jobs who also have a retirement plan.

They usually end up living in small apartments without constant income forced to make what they can out of the terrible life situation they’re currently in.

Now, in order to prevent you from becoming one of those fitness trainers that end up this way we want to strongly suggest you to think of your financial future and plan it ahead as soon as you can. How can you do that? We’re here to help you.

Imagine that you were offered while working as a fitness trainer to open a side, part time business similar to a Franchise and work on it whenever you wish, with flexible hours tailored to the needs of your career and current job. You would be provided with all the technical aspects needed for a franchise business to work, including elements such as professional systematization, standardization, top notch management tools, effective marketing and merchandising, an opportunity to grow your visibility on the market and be an official owner of your own local business?

You must be probably thinking: “What a great story, now if only I had around half a million of start-up capital I’d be ready and sound!” Luckily for you, Savvy Health Shopper has you covered. No, we’re not going to loan you half a million dollars, simply because, the truth is, you don’t need it in order to start a business like the one described above.

The truth is, you can have a franchise-like business such as the one described above. But that’s not all, in difference to the usual franchises it comes without any monthly royalties attached, no franchise fees, zero territorial restrictions and incredibly low start-up cost which drives the risk to the absolute minimum.

Not only that, but as a personal fitness trainer who constantly works with people looking to better and improve themselves, you already have a significant targeted market that you can earn a constant residual income from without any additional time and effort.

Imagine being able to provide your clients with high quality products that are available nowhere else such as natural training supplements, vitamins, diet additions, and energy shots such as Torch Afterburn, Awake Energyshot, or Isotonix Champion Blend Plus, the products that they can’t get anywhere else as affordably and easy as from you – their personal trainer!

It’s a true win – win situation for both you and your client. And the opportunity to do this is made possible by Market America, a widely recognized, innovative and honest networking company and UnFranchise business creator and provider that was the very first in America to invent this concept of distribution. As Market America’s UnFranchise owner, you can have your own business that is completely adapted to your needs, whether on full or part time basis!

You are able to earn money by offering your clients top quality products and earning a percentage of gross retail, while having all the other tedious aspects of business such as marketing, merchandising and promotion taken care of by Market America. Not only that, but you’ll be able to network with your colleagues willing to do that same and create a sales organization that will work for your mutual benefit and improve your overall profits. Once you get your UnFranchise business developed, a passive, constant income that’ll flow to you each month is going to make you forget about the fears of retirement or your financial future. You’ll be able to enjoy your career to the fullest.

Considering the social network and experience you consequently gain by working as a personal trainer, creating a sales organization and a strong targeted market that is constantly looking for more will be much easier task than it may seem at first.

And the best of all is, Savvy Health Shopper as an official distributor of Market America and a long time UnFranchise business owner is going to help you with everything, from signing up and setting your business to earning your first income and getting on a certain path to financial success.

Sign up and start today, the sooner you do it the faster you’ll be able to reap the benefits of your smart decision.

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