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Introduction: you are a factor in the blog business

There goes the saying that blogging should be for fun and not for money. There is a lot of time and cerebral investment that goes into every professional blog post. It could be a great deal of time if your blog continues to eat up your time and nothing to show for it monetarily. The idea behind blogging should be for passion but what happens when there is an open window to milk out some cash from the “blog cow”. Several years ago, a simple advertising campaign would guarantee a steady residual income for part time bloggers. However, that is no longer the case as the ongoing income from blogs around the web hardly settles the bill of the hosting cost. Does that mean you should give up on your ideas and passion? Absolutely not! If you are tired of getting pocket change from your Google Adwords advertising campaign, it is time for you to consider the Unfranchise business.

The Solution - Unfranchise business

As an Unfranchise business owner from Market America, you will be able to bring your audience more content about the things they love. Market America offers many exclusive products that are not found elsewhere. This gives you the unique opportunity to blog about premium products found nowhere else. This business would be an extension of your blog in order for you to reach your financial goals.

Opportunities of residual income as full/part time blogger

In this example, we will target the beauty niche. As a beauty and fashion blogger, you should have noticed the trend in the beauty world. The big players are improving on their game on a daily basis while there are several influxes of new comers trying to sharpen the edges. These obvious facts quite reveal that the cosmetic industry is still growing and not in any way relenting, at least not now. Can you get the picture now? I bet you do. The industry is moving forward and so should you. There is a few more companies trying to get their product to consumers. After years of blogging about cosmetics, I guarantee you are the unsung hero. If you really get the big picture then it is easy for you to see residual income for you not minding if you blog full time or part time. You just do a little more work with the potential for a huge ROI. It is all about leveraging your audience and time.

Profit meter: How do you profit from this

All of this blogging could have meant little or at most a huge brag if you have nothing to profit from it. The profit here is tangible and visible. You can start earning money as an Unfranchise business owner today by using your expertise as a blogger. As an Unfranchise business owner, there are numerous ways to profit and benefit:

Additional time is required to earn steady residual income as a blogger. It's a matter of just bringing your blog to a whole new level. The streams of possibility are as huge and endless as you can imagine it. Now you can embrace part time or full time blogging without the fear of how you will settle your monthly bills. And Savvy Healthy Shopper will be there to help you get started down the road to your financial freedom.

Need help?

By now you must be wondering how to get started. To get started with this part-time business to achieve your goal of residual income and financial independence, contact Savvy Healthy Shopper.

It is your time now, be wise, take it.

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